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How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi 

One of the key features of your HP Deskjet printer is the ability to print wirelessly. You can print documents from any part of your home without using wires to connect the devices. However, before you start to do all that, you must learn how to connect an HP Deskjet printer to wifi. In this post, we will inform you you can do just that and some other useful tips. So, get ready to learn something new today.

Easy Guide: How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to WiFi for Hassle-Free Wireless Printing

The information we will share below will be for the HP Deskjet 2600 model. The steps will remain the same for other Deskjet models with a few changes. Below are the steps to connect your HP Deskjet 2600 to wifi.

How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Wifi

1    Get ready for the setup. Confirm that you have the below-given items in your possession:

  • A mobile or computer connected to the wifi network you’d like to connect to the printer.

  • The name of the printer’s network (SSID) and the printer’s password. If you do not have these details, look it up in your modem or wifi router.

2.    The printer must be turned on: Attach the power cord to the printer, then connect it to an electrical source. Hit the power button to activate the printer.

3.   Verify that the printer is connected to wifi:

  • On the printer’s control panel, Hold and press the Wireless button until the Wireless light blinks.

  • In about 2 minutes, connect to your laptop or device and then open your wifi setting.

  • Search for the network name (SSID) associated with the printing device in the listing of networks available. Then, choose the network that you wish to use.

  • If asked, enter the password for the printer’s network. The password is NOT your wifi password, but rather the one specific to your printer.

  • Next, the printer will connect to the wifi network. After that, the Wireless light at the bottom of the printer will cease to blink and will remain steady once it is confirmed that the connection is successful.

4.  Install the printer software:

  • Visit the HP Printer website on your computer or mobile device.

  • Select the printing model (Deskjet 2600) and follow the directions on your screen to download and install the software to your operating system.

  • During the installation, you can choose to connect the printer wirelessly.

5. Check the connection: Once the printer software installation is completed, Print a test page to ensure it is indeed connected to the wifi network. It is properly connected to wifi networks.

When your print device is linked to wifi, you should be able to print wirelessly using any other device connected to the network.

HP Printer Not Connecting to Wifi

If your HP Deskjet printer is not connected to wifi If it isn’t connecting to wifi, there are various actions you can follow to help fix the problem. Follow these steps to connect your printer:

  1. Verify your network settings:

    Ensure the wifi connection is working properly, and the other gadgets can be connected to it. Check the network’s name (SSID) along with the username and password to ensure they are accurate. If required, restart your router and modem to refresh your network connection.

  2. Make the printer move closer.

    When the printer is far from the wifi network, it may need help establishing the connection. Consider moving your printer nearer to the router to see whether it improves. The proximity of the router can frequently improve the strength of the signal.

  3. Try restarting the printer.

    Sometimes, a simple restart can solve connectivity issues. Please switch off the power to your HP Deskjet printer, unplug it from power sources, wait for some time, reconnect it, and turn it up. This can remove any issues that may arise and let the printer connect to wifi.

  4. Reset the printer’s settings for network connectivity:

    When the settings of your printer’s network are corrupt, resetting the settings can aid. To accomplish this, find the Wireless button of your HP Deskjet printer and press it for approximately 10 seconds or so until the Wireless light begins to blink. The blinking will restore the printer’s settings for network connectivity to their default settings.

  5. Connect to wifi:

    Follow the steps in the previous question (“How to connect your HP Deskjet Printer to wifi“) to connect your printer to wifi. Ensure you input the right network name (SSID) along with your password when asked. Note that you need to connect your laptop and smartphone to the same network before connecting your printer.

  6. Update the firmware of your printer:

    Incorrect printer firmware can occasionally create connectivity problems. Go to HP support on the HP Support website, and search for your specific model to locate the most recent firmware updates. Install and download the firmware updates following the directions provided.

  7. Verify the firewall and antivirus settings.

    In certain situations, firewalls and antivirus configurations on your PC can hinder your printer’s ability to connect via wifi. You can temporarily turn off firewalls or antivirus software and then determine if your printing device can connect. If so, change the setting of your security program to permit the printer to connect.

  8. Contact HP support.

    If you’ve tried the above steps, but your HP Deskjet Printer is not connecting to wifi, Calling HP support for assistance may be helpful. They can offer specific troubleshooting suggestions based on the printer model and help you resolve any root causes.

Remember that connectivity issues can differ based on the printer model and the network configuration. In conjunction with reading the user manual for your printer or HP’s support documentation, the steps listed above should help you troubleshoot and solve the issue effectively. 

How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Mac

To connect your HP Deskjet printer to your Mac wirelessly to wirelessly connect, you can take these steps:

  • Ensure that your HP Deskjet printer is connected to wifi by following the steps in the previous question (“How to connect your HP Deskjet Printer to wifi“).

  • On your Mac, Click on your Mac’s Apple menu in the upper left corner. Choose “System Preferences.”

  • The System Preferences Window selects “Printers & Scanners” or “Print & Scan.”

  • When the lock symbol in the lower right corner is locked, click it and then enter your administrator password to make any changes.

  • Hit”+” to add a printer “+” button to create a new printer.

  • Your Mac will look for available printers. If you have an HP Deskjet printer detected, it will show up in the listing. Select it, then click the “Add” button.

  • If you cannot find your printer in this list of printers, click the “IP” tab at the top of the screen.

  • You must enter the IP address associated with the HP wireless printer in the “Address” field. You can locate the location of the IP by printing the network configuration page on your printer or by visiting your router’s admin interface.

  • It is recommended that the “Protocol” field should automatically be set to “HP Jetdirect – Socket.” If not, select that option in the drop-down menu.

  • You can leave the “Queue” field blank.

  • Within the “Name” field, you can select a name for your printer or leave your default printer’s name.

  • Within the “Use” field, your Mac should automatically choose the appropriate driver for your printer. If not, click the “Select Software” button and select the compatible driver for your HP Deskjet printer from the list.

  • Click”Add” the “Add” button to add the printer.

  • The HP Deskjet Printer should be installed on your Mac and ready for use. You can make it the default printer if you want to.

Following these steps, you can effortlessly connect your HP Deskjet printer to your Mac via an internet connection. After connecting, you’ll be able to print directly from your Mac onto the HP wireless printer. HP wireless printer effortlessly.

How to Connect HP Deskjet Printer to Computer with Windows 10

Check out the below steps that can help you connect your HP wireless printer to a PC.

  • Check that your HP Deskjet printer is connected to wifi following the steps detailed in the previous article (“How to Connect your HP Deskjet Printer to wifi“).

  • If you use a Windows 10 computer, click the “Start” menu in the left-hand corner. Select “Settings.”

  • Within the Settings window, click “Devices.”

  • Click “Printers & scanners” in the left-hand sidebar within the Devices window.

  • Select the “Add” or “Add a printer or scanner” button. Windows will begin searching for printers available.

  • When your HP Deskjet printer is detected, the printer will be listed in the drop-down list. Choose it and then click the “Add device” button.

  • If your printer cannot be seen in this list of printers, then click on”the “The printer that I want isn’t listed” link to the right of the list.

  • When you are in the “Add Printer” window, choose”Add Printer,” then click on “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings,” and then click the “Next” and “Next” buttons.

  • Choose”Create a new port” from the drop-down menu “Create a new port” and then select “Standard TCP/IP Port” from the drop-down menu. Select”Next” and the “Next” button.

  • Within the “Hostname or IP address” field, type in an IP address for the HP Deskjet printer. The location of the IP can be detected by printing the page for network configuration from your printer or by visiting your router’s administrator interface.

  • The “Port Name” field is the default, or you can modify it. Click”Next. “Next” button.

  • Windows will try to find the printer with the provided IP address. After it has done that, the printer will display its “Additional Port Information Required” window.

  • Windows will automatically choose the correct driver for your printer. You can select the “Windows Update” button to download additional drivers if it doesn’t.

  • Click”Next. “Next” button to proceed.

  • Within the “Printer name” field, you can choose a name for your printer or leave it as the default.

  • Select whether you wish to make the printer the default printer. Click on the “Next” button.

  • Windows will start installing the driver for the printer and then complete the installation process.

Following these steps, you can quickly connect your HP Deskjet printer to your Windows 10 computer using a wireless connection. Once connected, you’ll be able to seamlessly print from your PC directly to your HP Deskjet printer.


These were all the comprehensive steps for how to connect an HP printer to wifi as well as how to connect your printer to Mac and PC. We are confident that these steps will help you with your HP Deskjet printer’s setup and configuration. 

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