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Canon TS3522 Setup With Wireless Network

If you recently bought a new Canon TS3522 printer, you are probably looking for some help with its setup. In this post, we will give you all the steps you need for the Canon TS3522 setup and the steps you need to set it up with your wireless network. So, without further delays, let’s get into the thick of things.

How to Setup Canon TS3522 Printer

The following steps will take you from unboxing the printer to getting it connected to your computer.

1. Unpack the Printer

Before proceeding with the Canon TS3522 setup, please remove it with all the protective tape and wrapping from the box. Once that is done, you must connect the power cord to the back of the printer and the other end to the wall outlet. 

2. Install Ink Cartridges

  • Open the printer cover and wait for the ink cartridge holder to move to the replacement position.

  • Take the ink cartridges out of their packaging and remove the protective tape.

  • Insert the cartridges into their respective slots and push them down until they click into place.

Canon Pixma TS3522
Setup Canon TS3522

3. Load Paper

The next step in the Canon TS3522 setup is loading the paper. Slide the paper guides apart to adjust them for your paper size. Place a stack of paper into the rear tray, aligning it with the paper guides. Slide the paper guides towards the edges of the paper stack.

4. Installing Software

Go to website, Download and install those files by following the on-screen instructions correctly. Alternatively, you can also use the CD-ROM you got with your printer to install that software.

5. Connecting Printer with Computer

There are two ways that you can sonnet your printer to the computer. One way is by using a USB cable and connecting one end to your computer’s USB port and the other to your printer’s USB port. You can also connect these two devices using the wireless network. You would need to go to your network settings and configure the printer with the network. 

6. Finish the Printer Setup

Once the computer and printer are connected, you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the printer setup. This can include registering the printer, calibrating the print heads, and printing a test document.

Canon Pixma TS3522 Wireless Setup

This section will guide you on the Canon Pixma TS3522 wireless setup. By following these steps, you can connect your printer to wifi so that you can print documents wirelessly from any part of your home.

By following these Instruction, you can do Wireless Setup.

  • Make sure that your printer is powered on.

  • The Wi-Fi button is located on the control panel of the printer. The Wi-Fi light will begin flashing.

  • On your mobile or computer device, open the Wi-Fi settings and then link to the Wi-Fi network you wish for your printer to be connected to.

  • After connecting to the Wi-Fi network, start a web browser and type “” within the address line. Press Enter.

  • You will be taken to your Canon Printer Setup page.

  • On the next screen, you can select the Printer type (TS3522) and then click “Next.”

  • Take a moment to read and agree to the conditions and terms of service. Then select “Next.”

  • The page for setup will search for printers available. If your printer is found, click on it and select “Next.”

Canon Pixma TS3522 Wireless Setup
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the setup process. This might include selecting your Wi-Fi provider in the available network listing and then entering your Wi-Fi password.

  • After you’ve entered the Wi-Fi details you need After that, select “Next” to proceed.

  • The setup process establishes the connection between your printer and the Wi-Fi network. It could take just a few minutes.

  • When the connection is created, you’ll receive an acknowledgment message on the page for setting up. Select “Next” to continue.

  • On the next screen on the next page, you can connect your printer to Canon. If you want to sign up, fill in the required details and click “Next.” If not, you can select “Skip.”

  • The setup process is completed.

After completing these steps, your Canon TS3522 printer will be joined to the network via Wi-Fi. It is now possible to print wirelessly from any device that is connected to the network.


So, In this post, we have shared with you the steps needed for the Canon TS3522 Setup & wireless setup. If you are still facing issues setting up this printer, you must contact the professionals.
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