Canon IJ Scan Utility Download: All You Should Know About

There is no doubt that Canon IJ Scan Utility is an excellent tool to make the best out of your Canon printer and scanners. It is a multimedia tool that facilitates you to scan photos as well as documents in a jiffy. There couldn’t be a better image management tool for you if you are using Canon’s printer and scanner. 

The possibilities with the tool are endless, not only is the image management top-notch but you can also configure the printer and scanner as well. The tool can assist you in the management of network connectivity too as an added advantage.

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Working Of Canon IJ Scan Utility – Explained

The USP of the tool is that it can perform tasks like scanning and printing both docs and images with a click. Gone are the days when the simple task of scanning and uploading a document to the computer was arduous. This makes this tool from Canon a must-have for you to make printing a hassle-free experience.

The application is appreciably customizable, putting you in the charger of the helm when it comes to your printer. This allows you to change the settings of the printer based on your requirements. But before you are onboard to download this application there are a few things you should know.

To ensure smooth functioning you should ensure that the correct drivers are installed. This application may not work with all Canon printers. Read further to know all about Canon IJ Scan Utility Download.


How Can Scan Utility Brings Utility To You?

This application can help users to scan and print pictures and documents as per their wishes with ease. If you want to scan a document then you just need to click on the file icon and image and do scanning as you like. The utility tool automatically saves the scanned image to your selected folder.

Canon IJ Scan Utility Download –  System Requirements

There is a piece of good news for you, the application has only a few system-specific requirements. This makes the application fairly easy for your system to run. The tool is supported by regular updates and makes up for any compatibility issues that can arise in the future. The same is true for Mac devices as well. Canon IJ Scan Utility Mac works smoothly with almost all versions of the Mac OS.

Canon IJ Scan Utility For Windows – Steps To Download

Before you kick start downloading and installing the tool on a Windows device you should remember a few things. Firstly you need to keep your scanner or printer’s model number handy. You also need to have a basic understanding of your system and its specifications as well. Follow these steps to make your download a success.

  • You need to visit Canon’s official support page via a browser.

  • Then from the menu, search and select your device’s model.

  • For your convenience, you can browse the product category.

  • Choose the software and your PC’s operating system.

  • Once you have found the correct file then click on Download.

  • After that, you need to double-click on the downloaded file for installation.

  • You have to follow all the instructions as prompted for a successful installation.

Running Canon IJ Scan Utility On Windows:

If you are using Windows 10 OS, Then:

  • Go to the Start menu.

  • Then, go to Apps.

  • You have to go to Canon Utilities and then IJ Scan Utility.

  • You may also look for the tool in the Search Bar as well.

In case your PC is running on  Windows 8 OS, Then:

  • Select the tool from the Start screen.

  • If the tool is not visible on the start screen then search for the same manually.

If your PC is running on Windows 7, Vista & XP then follow these steps to run Canon IJ Scan Utility –

  • You have to launch the Start menu.

  • Click on All Programs

  • Double-click on Canon Utilities.

  • Then choose the utility tool.

Canon IJ Scan Utility Download For Mac – Steps

If your system runs on Mac OS then you can follow the below-mentioned steps to download the application:

  • Open Canon’s official support page.

  • Type in the model number of your scanner/printer in the search box.

  • Select your model from the list.

  • You may also select your device’s model number from the product category.

  • From the next screen select” Software” and also check for Os compatibility.

  • Then click on the “Download” button.

  • Once the file is downloaded, Double-click on it and then install it.

  • At the same time follow the on-screen instructions for an easy installation.

Running Canon IJ Scan Utility On Mac Devices:

The steps to run the application on Mac devices are rather easy to grasp:

  • You need to go to the Finder.

  • Then go to the Applications folder

  • Click on the Canon Utility folder.

  • As a next step, you need to open the IJ Scan folder.

  • Double-click on the icon to run it.


The Benefits Offered By Scan Utility On Your PC

There are absolutely no second thoughts when it comes to the user-friendliness of this application. You can within a few clicks get your docs scanned and shared. Read further to know the advantages that this utility tool offers its users: 

1 . Integration With Other Apps 

One of the amazing offerings of the Canon Utility tool is the way it seamlessly integrates scanned documents with third-party applications. You have complete control as to which app you want the document to be displayed.

The e-mail integration is also smooth. You can easily attach the scanned files with an email message and share them with anyone you want in a few clicks.

2 . Scan Files In Any Format

The scanner tool allows you the freedom to scan the document irrespective of the format they are in. This makes scanning easy and convenient at the same time. Your time is better utilized as you don’t have to worry about compatibility concerns.

3 . Customise The Settings

Not only scanning but a lot more. That is what the Canon IJ Scan Utility is all about. You can effortlessly adjust the sharpness and brightness of the text in the document. Improving the readability of the text-based document is also a no-brainer with this application.

4 . Helpful Search Bar

The tool is made super easy to manage with the handy search bar. You can perform various functions with the help of this search bar in the utility app. Managing several printers and scanner-related functions using this bar is not a big deal. 


Canon IJ Scan Utility is without a doubt a great and feature-packed tool for anyone who wants to multitask and runs short of time to waste. Whether you use it on a Mac OS device or a Windows PC, the performance is flawless as ever. Being already a user of Canon devices you should have this tool on your PC.

We have tried to cover every aspect of downloading and installing the app. If the problem persists then you can feel free to contact us. We will make sure that your problem is resolved at the earliest.

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