How To Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error Yourself

Your HP printer is a very useful device to have. It can help you at home as well as at the office by printing high-quality documents. However, if your printer’s cartridge is giving you an error, you cannot print anything. That is why in this post we will guide you on how to bypass HP printer cartridge error on your own. We are sure that by learning this information, you will be able to handle any future cartridge issues with ease.

Probable Causes of HP Printer Cartridge Errors

Before we can go into how to bypass HP printer Cartridge error, let us know what can be some leading causes of these errors. Below is a small list of possible reasons behind this.

1. Damaged Metal Contacts

Your printer’s ink cartridge has several metal contacts that are responsible for enabling communication between your printer and the cartridge. Sometimes these metal contacts can get damaged, leading to an error with the cartridge. Even if there is no damage but dust accumulation, it can lead to an error. 

2. Wrong Installation

If your ink cartridge was not installed properly, it can result in an error. Usually, you have to place the ink cartridges in a slant position in the cartridge holder. Then, you have to press down gently till you hear a clicking sound two times. If there is a mistake made during this process, it will cause an error.



3. Internal Memory Needs Resetting

In most cases, your printer will figure out itself when it requires an internal memory reset. However, if your printer does need a memory reset and your printer fails to detect it, it can lead to an error. 

4. Cartridge Protection Enabled

Another cause of cartridge errors in your HP printer is if cartridge protection is enabled. This can cause a compatibility issue with the latest version of the printer’s firmware. It can also cause cartridge errors. 

How to Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error – Solutions

Now that you know what can be the possible causes behind the printer cartridge errors, let us now go into how to bypass HP printer cartridge error in various scenarios. So, check out below the various steps you can take to fix the cartridge errors. 

1. Resetting the Internal Memory

The simplest way to reset the printer’s memory is to remove the new cartridge and put back the old one. Let it remain in this state for a few minutes. Then, remove the old cartridge and insert the new one again. Now, check to see if it resolved the error.

HP Printer Cartridge Error

If you continue to face issues, then try the below steps:

  • Remove the color ink cartridge from the printer and keep it on a clean surface.

  • Next, power off your printer and leave it off for a few minutes.

  • Unplug the printer from the power outlet. This ensures that the printer is off and not just in sleep mode.

  • Now, after a few minutes have gone by, plug your printer back into the power outlet.

  • Place the new cartridge back in the printer.

  • Power your printer back on by pressing the power button.

After these steps, check to see if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Check Your Cartridges Compatibility

If you have recently replaced the cartridge of your printer, check to make sure it is compatible with your printer’s model. Incompatibility between the cartridge and the printer can also lead to cartridge errors. If you have also purchased a new drum, check its compatibility too so that you can eliminate the cause of the issue. 

3. How to Bypass HP printer Cartridge Error by Cleaning Metal Contacts

There are metal contacts that look like small circuit boards at the back of your ink cartridge. As mentioned before, these contacts establish a connection between the cartridge and the toner. So, another step in how to bypass HP printer error is to make sure these contacts are clean. By ensuring their proper cleanliness and maintenance, you can avoid the HP printer cartridge error.

Below are the steps to follow to properly clean the metal contacts of the cartridge. 

  • Power off the printer and remove its power cord from the wall outlet.

  • Then, gently remove the ink cartridge and place it on a clean surface.

  • Locate the metal contacts at the back of the cartridge.

  • Also, check out the connection point inside the printer.

  • Use a clean and dry cloth to clean the metal contacts on the cartridge as well as the printer.

  • If there is any residue on the cartridge, remove that too but be careful and extremely gentle with your efforts.

  • Now, place the cartridges back inside the printer.


After these steps, you can power on the printer to check if the error has been resolved. 

4. Verify if Protective Covers are Removed

The next step in how to bypass HP printer cartridge error is to ensure all the protective strips and covers are removed from the cartridge. When you get a new cartridge, it usually has a lot of plastic covers to keep it safe. Read the instructions carefully on how to remove them. If you leave any of it on and then insert the cartridge in the printer, it can lead to an error.

So, if you doubt this, remove the cartridge from the printer and check it. If you find any protective strips still on it, remove them. Then, insert the cartridge back into the printer and see if the error is fixed.

5. How to Bypass HP printer Cartridge Error by Updating the Printer’s Firmware

The last solution how to bypass the HP printer cartridge error is updating your HP printer’s firmware. Sometimes if your firmware is of a previous version, then it may lead to certain compatibility issues with the hardware. 

Updating the firmware can resolve several printer issues including cartridge errors. Here are the steps to update your printer’s firmware.

  • Visit HP printer’s site.

  • Select your printer’s model and click on Upgrade Now.

  • Locate the newest version of the Firmware and click on Download.

  • Choose where on your computer you want to save the file.

  • On your printer’s Control Panel, you can update the firmware from the Preboot Menu.

  • Select the option of Administrator.

  • Choose Download from the list and click on OK.

Once the firmware is successfully updated, your printer will restart on its own. You can then check to see if your cartridge error is now fixed. 

Now You Know How to Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error

Using one or all of the above-given solutions, you will be able to resolve your HP printer’s cartridge errors yourself without any difficulty. In some cases, it can take multiple steps and solutions to resolve the issue if there are multiple causes. Using the right mix of troubleshooting steps can be the key.

Still, facing issues even after using the above steps? Then we suggest you contact printer customer care experts to help you resolve them.

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