Brother Printer WPS Pin: What is it and Where to Find it?

Brother wireless printers are extremely convenient to use and very popular. They work seamlessly with other wireless devices. Printing wirelessly using these printers is pretty easy and anyone can do it. You would have noticed that your printer has a WPS button on it. If you are not tech-savvy, you may not know what it does. In the below content, we will tell you in detail about the WPS feature as well as about the Brother printer WPS pin.

What is a Brother Printer WPS Pin?

WPS stands for WIFI Protected Setup. Before knowing about the Brother printer WPS pin, you need to know what the WPS button is for. The WPS button is available on all wireless printers. This feature lets you create a wireless network and connect with other devices wirelessly. You do not even need a computer to set it up.

The Brother WPS pin is usually displayed on the LCD of the printer when trying to connect it to any device wirelessly. This device can be a computer as well as a smartphone. You can find this pin by using the printer’s setup wizard. We will go into more detail about where you can find the WPS pin for the Brother printer.

Where to Find WPS Pin on the Brother Printer?

If you are using a router that supports the WPS feature, then you can set up your printer on the wireless network without needing a computer.

Below, we will tell you where you can find the Brother printer WPS pin. Also, we will guide you on how to use this pin to set up the printer with the wireless network.

Brother Printer WPS Pin
  • Connect your printer to the wall outlet.

  • Power on the printer.

  • Press the menu button on the control panel.

  • Then, you will be prompted to choose a network, use the arrow keys to select your network name.

  • Once you are on the right network name, press the OK button to select it. 

  • After that, using the same arrow buttons, select the WLAN option and press OK. 

  • Now go to the WPS w/Pin option and press OK.

  • You will then see an 8-digit pin on the display of the printer. The printer will now search for an access point for at least 5 minutes. 

  • Using the computer or the device that is connected to the wifi network, go to the local IP address of your router. 

  • Then, search for the WPS setting page and enter the 8-digit pin and follow the instructions.

Your Brother Printer is now successfully set up with your network using the WPS Pin method.

Brother Printer Wireless Connectivity Issues and How to Fix Them 

Now that you have learned about the Brother Printer WPS pin, where to find it, and how to use it, let’s go into wireless connectivity issues. Even if you accurately set up your printer to the wireless network, sometimes you can still face issues. 

In this section below, we will go into detail about what you should do if your Brother printer does not connect with wifi. 

In most cases, when your Brother printer does not connect to the wifi, there are a few common issues. These are weak wireless signals, wrong wifi settings, or software issues like drivers, firmware, etc. Below are some troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.

Brother Printer WPS Pin
Power Cycle the Concerned Devices

The power cycle refers to systematically rebooting devices by unplugging the power cables from the back of the devices and then plugging them back in. When your printer is not able to connect with wifi, power cycle the router or modem along with the printer. 

Once the devices restart, you can check your connection again. Ideally, your printer should get connected to the wifi automatically.

Verify Wireless Connection

If your printer is not connecting with the wifi, it may not be an issue with the printer at all. Maybe your wifi is down. To verify whether your wifi is working or not, connect any other device to the network. Then, try and see if you can go online using.

If you can go online, then it means the wifi is fine and there is an issue with the wireless setup of the printer. In this case, you can again use the Brother printer WPS pin for setting it up. In case you cannot go online on any device, call your ISP for help.

Check Device Drivers

Another reason why your printer may not be connecting with your wireless network is the device driver issue. If your printer’s drivers are outdated, they can cause some issues. Some of these issues include your printer not connecting to wifi. 

This can be resolved by downloading and updating the latest version of your printer’s drivers. You can download the new device driver by going to Brother’s official website. You can easily find the latest version of your printer’s drivers by choosing its model number. 

Once the latest version of device drivers is installed, you can restart all your devices. Upon restarting, check to see if now your printer can connect to the wireless network.

Update Firmware

In layman’s terms, firmware is the software that runs your printer’s entire functioning. Just like with the drivers, the firmware can also get out of date. Whenever a new version of the firmware is available, it’s best to update it. 

If the firmware of your printer is not updated, it can refuse to follow commands as well as not connect with the wifi. You can find the most recent version of your printer’s firmware on Brother’s official website. 

Once the firmware update is installed, restart your devices. Then, check to see if your printer can now connect to the wireless network.

Other Methods of Connecting Brother Printer WPS Pin

Brother Printer WPS Pin

Earlier we told you how you can set up your printer with the wireless network using the Brother printer WPS pin. However, there is another way to set up your printer with wifi. This method does not require a WPS pin for Brother Printer.

This method is generally called the push button method. Below are the steps needed to perform the setup through this method.

  • Locate the WLAN option on your printer’s control panel.

  • Press the Push button on the printer and then press the WPS button on your router. 

  • The devices will then take approximately 2-3 minutes to sync.

And that is it. With these three simple steps, you have configured your wireless printer with your router without using the Brother printer WPS pin.


So, now by reading the above-given information, you know what is the purpose of the Brother printer WPS pin as well as how to use it. Also, you know of some basic troubleshooting steps in case your printer faces connectivity issues. If you are still facing an issue with your Brother printer, we would suggest that you contact our experts to help you resolve it.

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