How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi

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How To Connect Canon Printer To WiFi

If your Canon printer is wifi enabled and you are still not using its wireless capabilities then that is such a shame. Connecting your printer with wifi gives you a lot of convenience. It gives you the ability to print documents from any part of your home. But, to be able to take advantage of this feature, you need to learn how to connect canon printer to wifi.

In this post, we will give you the step-by-step guide needed to make this happen. 

Steps for How to Connect My Canon Printer to Wifi

These steps we are about to share with you are normally done during the Canon printer setup, which is done initially when you buy a new printer. However, if you skipped that part when you got your printer, no need to worry. Below are the steps you must follow:

how to connect canon mg3600
  • Plug in your Canon printer to the wall outlet and power it on.

  • On the printer’s control panel, look for the menu option.

  • Using the arrow keys, navigate through the menu till you see the option of Network Settings. Press OK on that option to select it.

  • Then, you should see an option like Wireless LAN Setup or something similar to it. Select that option.

  • You would probably see either Wifi Setup option or Wifi Protected Setup (WPS). Choosing the WPS option would be more convenient.

  • If you choose the Wifi Setup option, you will see a list of all the available wireless networks and you can select your own wifi network from it.

  • In case you select the WPS option, then you need to press and hold the WPS button on your router for 2 minutes, then, your printer will connect with your wifi router automatically.

  • You may get prompted to enter your wifi’s password. You can do that using the touchpad in the control panel. Then press the OK button. Now you should be connected to the wifi.

  • Once the connection is established successfully, your printer will display a message confirming the same. You can take out a test printer of your network’s configuration to verify.

The above steps work for all Canon Pixma printers. Since we were using a Canon MG3600, these steps will also answer the question of how to connect the Canon MG3600 printer to wifi.

What to Check if the Canon Printer Does Not Connect to Wifi

Sometimes you can follow all the steps in How To Connect Canon Printer to Wifi but still it does not work. In that case, there are a few additional checks you need to make. Below we are listing down a few things you must check and verify which might be causing this issue. 

1. Verify Network Connection

The reason why your printer is not connecting to wifi could be that your internet may not be working. You can try to connect your other devices to wifi to verify the connection. If it’s connecting on other devices, then it can be an issue with your printer settings. But, if none of the devices are connecting, maybe it’s an issue from your ISP’s end.

2. Signal Strength

It’s possible that your wifi’s signals are rather weak in the area where you have placed your printer. In this situation, moving the printer closer to the wifi router may just help it connect to the wireless network. 

3. Wrong Network

If you are living in a residential building with many apartments, it’s possible you are trying to connect to someone else’s wifi by mistake. If you have not customized your SSID, it will continue to show the default name which can be common with other residents. 

printer to wifi pixma printer

4. Double-Check Password

As we mentioned in the above section of how to connect a Canon printer to wifi, you need to enter your wifi password in the printer. In case you have entered an incorrect password, it will not connect. So, make sure you are entering the right one. 

5. Try Restarting Devices 

One simple step that you can follow to resolve this issue is to shut down all your devices like the printer and router. Then, wait for a few minutes and power them back on again. Sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to resolve the wifi connectivity issue. 

6. Update Firmware

Sometimes the wifi connectivity issue is also caused if your printer’s firmware is outdated. In this case, you can go to Canon’s website and search for your exact model of printer. Then, you can see if on its page there are any updates available. If there are, you simply need to download them and then install them on your system following the on-screen instructions. 


In this post, we have shared how to connect a Canon printer to wifi as well as some things to check if you are unable to connect. If you are still facing any challenge, we suggest you contact the experts who can assist you in a better way. 


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