Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Get Help

If you are facing a problem where your Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi then you are without a doubt at the right spot. Read in-depth about how can you establish a wireless connection between your Mac or Windows PC and your Brother printer. You must put both the Brother printer and the computer on the same network for them to connect seamlessly.

Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Connecting It!

  • You have to as a first step turn on the WiFi router and be sure that the printer is in range of the WiFi network.

  • Proceed further, by connecting the power cord to your Brother printer to the electric socket and then turning the printer on.

  • You have to click on the Menu button that is located on your printer.

  • Navigate the menu using the Up & Down keys, select the “Network” option and just click on “OK”.

  • Using the navigation keys, choose the “WLAN” option in the list and then click on the” OK” button.

  • You then have to select the “Setup Wizard” option with the help of the navigation buttons.

  • Tap on the “Enable WiFi” icon and then click on the “Yes” button. This will automatically make your Brother printer search for a wireless network from the available connections list.

  • You may choose your WiFi network name from the list and click on “OK”.

  • After that, the printer will ask for your WiFi password from you, make sure that you fill in the correct details.

  • After that, the printer will ask for your WiFi password from you, make sure that you fill in the correct details.

Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Connecting To Windows Device

  • By following the above-given steps connect your Brother printer to a WiFi network as an initial step.

  • Then go to the website of the company and look for Windows printer drivers.

  • If you have completed the installation process post-download, then proceed to the next step.

  • Open the “Run Command” by pressing the R and Windows keys altogether.

  • Search for the “Control Panel” in the dialogue box and then press“OK

  • From the Control Panel, you have to select the “Device & Printer ” option.

Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi
  • After doing so, you have to hit on the “Add Printer” option and then choose your printer from the list, and press on “Next”.

  • It may take a few seconds for the setup to be completed.

  • You are all set to use your Brother wireless printer with your Windows PC.

Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi? Connect Via USB

  • First of all, you have to connect your printer to your Windows laptop or PC via a wired connection.

  • Then you have to download the drivers from the official website of Brother and finish the installation process as explained above.

  • Lastly, add your printer from the Control Panel in the same way as mentioned in the above sections. Your printer will be ready to print once the process is done.

Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi: Connecting To Mac Devices

  • You need to turn on your Mac and proceed with downloading and installing the printer drivers from the download page of the manufacturer’s site.

  • After this, you have to turn on the printer and put it on the same WiFi network to which the Mac is connected. (Refer to the above sections for assistance)

  • You then have to open the Apple “Menu” and simply click on the “System And Preferences” option.

  • from the list before you, select the “Printer & Scanner” option.

  • Under this option you’ll be able to see your Brother printer with a green mark representing the printer is idle.

  • If not visible then? Then you have to click on the + sign. A pop-up window will then appear, select your device from the devices available.

  • By following these simple steps you can easily establish a connection with your wireless printer.

Why Is Your Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi? 

Most of the time you must have seen that the printer not connecting to the WiFi occurs due to poor connection or weak security. Not only this there are a host of other reasons, such as

  • The network settings on your printer might be incorrect.

  • The firmware might be facing some problems.

  • It is possible that a router firmware issue has crept in.

  • The password for accessing the WiFi is incorrect.

  • The printer is outside the 8 meters radius of the WiFi router.

Fixing It: Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

Reset Network Settings

In case your printer was previously connected to a WiFi connection, but once the wireless password on the router is changed you no longer would be able to connect to the network.

What this means is that the printer is trying hard to establish a connection with the old network profile and this is what makes the connection fail. For establishing a connection in this case you do need to reset your network settings to fix the error.

  • Turn on the Brother printer.

  • Press the home key or the menu button on your printer.

  • You have to use the navigation keys to scroll through the Network options.

  • Click on the network reset option.

  • Press 1 or “YES” on the reset popup.

  • Once your printer is done with the network reset process, it will automatically reconnect with the WiFi and the Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi will be resolved.

Update Firmware

You can access the firmware tool from the official site of the manufacturer or it can already have been installed on your PC. Open the tool on your Windows PC and then continue with the strategies which are stated below for task completion.

  • First, you need to tap on the Administrator, and then for the Firmware Update option, make sure that it is enabled.

  • You then need to Check For New Firmware and press the submit button.

  • Search from the given list of printers for your Brother printer, select the model, and click on the Next option.

  • Follow the instructions given on the screen.

  • The procedure will at tops take around 15 minutes to end.

  • Once the update for the firmware is completed, you will get a popup on the screen for Successfully Completed.

  • Thus no problem regarding Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi will be there.


Concluding Remarks

Hope this well-detailed piece of information about how to fix the Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi problem was useful to you. We have tried to cover every aspect to provide you with better clarity to resolve this issue yourself with your printer. If by chance you still are not able to resolve it, then you can feel free to contact us for help, Our experts would help you do the right thing!

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