Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing Color

Epson printers are well-known for their great quality, cutting-edge features, and dependable performance. Epson printers offer a wide range of solutions for both home and commercial applications, from high-resolution photo printing to effective document handling with 20% market share in 2023. These printers offer seamless connectivity and exceptional output with cutting-edge printing technologies like PrecisionCore and user-friendly interfaces. However, sometimes Epson Printer Not Printing Color problems arise that may be frustrating for its users. If you are struggling with a similar issue, then this will guide you for the fixation of this issue.

When your epson printer does not print, there may be several reasons for it. To get your epson printer back in printing form, you need to follow the guide, as it will help you with ultimate solutions.

Common Reasons for Epson Printer Not Printing:

Your HP printer may become unresponsive for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ink Levels: Ensure that there is sufficient ink in the color cartridges. Low ink levels can lead to printing issues.

  • Nozzle Clogs: Clogged printhead nozzles can impede the flow of ink. Perform printhead cleaning to address this problem.

  • Driver and Software Issues: Outdated or corrupted printer drivers, as well as software conflicts, can hinder printing. Update drivers and ensure compatible software.

Epson Printer Not Printing
  • Connection Problems: Unstable or incorrect connections between the printer and the computer can cause printing failures. Verify both wired and wireless connections.

  • Paper Jams: Paper Jam Error can disrupt the printing process. Clear any paper jams and ensure that the paper is loaded correctly.

  • Settings Misconfiguration: Incorrect printer settings, such as paper type and print quality, can affect output. Verify and adjust settings as needed.

Methods To Fix: Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing Color?

There are different methods to resolve this problem, and we will specify some of those below:

1.  Create a default setting for your printer:

Sometimes, it is possible that you have not selected it as the default printer on your computer, and your Epson printer could not be functioning. To make your Epson printer the default printer on your computer:

  • To open the Run box, simultaneously hit the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard.

  • On your keyboard, type “control” and press Enter.

  • Now, you need to select large icons under view by.

  • Click on Devices and Printers.

  • Now, right click your printer, and select the default printer.

This will help you resolve the epson printer not printing problem, and if this does not work for you, follow the next step.

2. Check printer spooler service:

The print spooler service on your computer helps you perform the print jobs. It also helps with the communication between the printer and your computer. If this service is not on, then your printer will not work. To know how to open and resolve the epson printer not printing problem, follow the below steps:

  • To open the Run box, simultaneously hit the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard.

  • Hit Enter after typing “services.msc” on the keyboard. The Services window will open as a result.

  • Now, click Print Spooler twice.

  • Make certain that its Service status is Running and that its Startup type is Automatic.

Epson Printer Not Printing-color
  • If not, click the Start button while setting the Startup type to Automatic.

  • Then, click on OK.

  • Finally, check whether your Epson printer starts working or not.

3. Check your printer’s condition:

If you have tried the above solutions and your epson printer is not printing, you should examine its hardware by:

  • First, check whether your ink or toner is going low. When necessary, you should swap out the ink or toner cartridge.

  • Then, install the original part and check to see if your problem is resolved or if it happens after you’ve replaced a part in your printer.

  • You should also look to see if your printer’s screen is showing any errors. If so, follow the instructions in the user manual or from Epson customer service to correct the problem.

  • Contact Epson’s customer service if you have any problems that you can’t fix on your own.

Some other methods that will help you with the Epson printer, not printing problem

If the above information does not help you with why my Epson printer not printing color, then below are some more points that will help you with the same issue:

1. Clear all print jobs:

If your printer’s print queue becomes blocked, you are unable to utilize it. To utilize your printer in this situation, you must empty your print queue with the following steps:

  • Start by pressing the Windows+R key together to run the run box.

  • Now, you need to type services.msc and press enter on your keyboard. It will open the service window.

  • Double-click print spooler.Now, click stop and on OK.

  • Thereafter, minimize the service window and open File Explorer by clicking on the Windows +E keys.

  • Now, you need to copy and paste this %windir%System32spoolPRINTERS and press enter.

  • Delete all the files from this folder , restore the service window and then double-click the printer spooler service.

  • Click on the start button; when the service starts, click OK.

  • Now, close all the open windows and turn off your computer.

  • Again, turn off your printer and unplug the power cable.

  • Do not use or leave your printer for 1 minute.

  • Now, plug the power cable and turn it on.

  • Turn on your computer and check if the printer can print or not.

2. Reinstall and Install the printers:

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer if updating the driver doesn’t work. It will help you with epson printer not printing:

  • To access Windows settings, press Windows + I.

  • Go to Devices.

  • Now, from the left pane, select Printers & Scanners.

  • Then, under Printer & Scanners, look for the printer you are currently using, select it, and then click Remove device.

  • Reinstall the printer by going back to Devices > Printer & Scanner.

  • Then, select the add icon to Add the printer. To finish the procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

printer Not Printing


We brief you on different points on how you can resolve your epson printer not printing problem. This problem is common and can be resolved easily. You can get all the information and settle your printing problem with the above steps. If you still encounter any kind of printing problem, then you can call our experts for guidance. Get in touch with us through call, email, or chat.

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1. What does a printer reset key do?

You can physically reset a printer’s settings to their default values by pressing the reset key (sometimes referred to as the reset button). It can assist in fixing small hiccups and problems.

2. What should you do if your printer won't work?

  • Verify connections: Ensure the printer is turned on and the cords are firmly attached.
  • Reset equipment: Switch off your computer, router, and printer. Restart them after that.
  • Newest drivers: Visit the printer manufacturer’s website to get the most recent drivers.
  • Run troubleshooting tools: To find and resolve problems, use your computer’s built-in troubleshooters.

3. How can I use the printer diagnostic tool?

Running a printer troubleshooter involves:

  • If you’re using Windows, go to “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Troubleshoot” > “Additional troubleshooters.” Locate the printer troubleshooter, then execute it.
  • Go to the “Apple menu” on a Mac, then select “System Preferences” and then “Printers & Scanners.” Right-click the printer and choose “Reset printing system.” Re-add the printer and then try printing once more.

4. What are some typical issues with printers and their fixes?

If you get paper stuck, carefully remove it by following the printer’s instructions.

Poor printing: Replace empty cartridges, check that the paper is the right kind, and clean the printheads.

Connection problems: Restart the printer and computer, check the cords, or turn on the Wi-Fi again.

Printer not working: Make sure both devices are on the same network, restart them, and set the printer as the default.

5. Why would my printer need to be reset?

Resetting your printer can assist with a number of difficulties, including connectivity issues, error messages, or sluggish behavior. To get your printer back in working order is frequently a troubleshooting step.